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From consultation to installation, Texas Aggregates and Base Materials can help you get the results you need for your projects. We have over 25 years experience in the base materials industry serving a wide range of clients in a variety of applications from residential to large industrial projects.

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Don't know what aggregates you need for your project? Let our experts help you determine the best materials that fit your application and budget. Our experience and knowledge can assure a successful application that will save you time, money and headaches.

Consultation Services

There are many regulations and codes that govern many building projects that can have an environmental and social impact.  If you are not sure about the stabilizing material you need for your project, our experts can assess your needs and offer solutions based on your budget and unique needs.


Our experience in the industry has allowed us to develop a wide network of resources to get the materials you need on a timely basis and within your budget.  Texas Aggregate and Base Materials can find your materials at the requirements you need.


Our network of trucks can haul your base materials to the job site quickly and safely.  Used in conjunction with our procurement services, Texas Aggregate and Base Materials can save you tons of money on material costs and transportation.


Poorly installed base or stabilizing aggregates can be costly and may need to be redone over time if not properly graded.  Texas Aggregate and Base Materials are experts in aggregate installation for many applications from residential jobs to large scale industrial projects.

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